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Step in and experience the delighfully deversified recipes from the hottest new pan in your town..

Enjoy the grand treat we provide all our customers creating enduring impressions of luscious food feast recipes on exemplary event floors. The Name Noorjehan,s depics the great piece of message from our indian history the reminds of adorned expressions of love and care that a great person has given his wife.Every one of you gets the perfect choice to experience the same royal ambience here. Apart from events we have stepped further in to the world of catering that serves homes through luxurious auditoriums.The traditional food joins the list of all other indian Chinise tandoori and continental savours.We offer a wide array of events through variuos gorgeous floors that suits your event and also you get the excellent opportunity to customize your menu so that your event can be brought a complete success.

It is not easy to develop an unmatched & Incomparable Good Will in this segment , which our Valuable Guest’s made it possible by their continuous Support and valuable Feedback to help us grow better and better . We have been receiving continuous Awards and Certificates from the Corporate Sector and also from Individual’s as a Token of Goodwill .